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CE223X 230V Duo Planer

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The DUO Planer is a Total NEW Concept Equipped with Interchangeable Tool Holders for... more

The DUO Planer is a Total NEW Concept

Equipped with Interchangeable Tool Holders for Helicoidal Blade and Sanding Roller

Revolutionary, light and easy to use double hand planer. Easy to adapt to the wanted finishing, just changing the tool holder with helicoidal blade or sanding roller in few minutes. Equipped from factory with a cutterholder for helicoidal blade allowing a perfect planing without marks, and with an abrasive roller for sanding several kind of materials: wood and its products, solid surface materials, synthetic materials, stripping paints on flat surfaces... Adjustable rear shoe regarding the cutting line of the tool holder.


The tool holder with helicoidal blade provides a high quality planing without traces and less noise, thanks to the oblique cutting.

Its versatility makes it to be able to adapt to several kind of jobs just only changing the tool holder. Now, with the sanding roller, it is possible to plane doors or shelves without risk to splinter them. Specially recommended for restoration works, the DUO CE223X sanding roller can be used to remove paint or varnish. If a nail is inside the wood, this is not an inconveniece because it will be sanded and levelled off with the rest of the surface.


  • Input power 700 watts
  • Cutting width 80 mm
  • Cutting depth 0 - 3 mm
  • Max. rebate depth 11 mm
  • No-load speed 16500/min
  • Sanding depth 0 - 1 mm
  • Sanding roller width 81 mm
  • Weight 3.2 kg

Standard Equipment

Standard equipment

Tool holder with helicoidal blade, abrasive roller holder with Gr. 40 roller, dust collection nozzle and carrying case.

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