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SVN250 Clamp Basic System

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Designed for Fixing Pieces Designed for fixing pieces with smooth and non porous surfaces... more

Designed for Fixing Pieces

Designed for fixing pieces with smooth and non porous surfaces by means of vacuum. The pieces remain firmly fixed, without any mark on their surface. Possibility to fix big or small pieces in different positions. The fixing force allows to work comfortably in an easy way. The air supply is done through a fast connection pipe. Its compact size makes it very versatile and handy, for working within and away from the workshop. It is possible to fix pieces in vertical or horizontal position. Ideal for several works like trimming, banding... It is possible to divide the suction plate in smaller sections by means of the set of rubber joints included with the equipment, allowing to fix small pieces. Using several SVN250 it is possible to fix big panels or pieces. The SVN250 must be fixed to the workbench by screws, through the holes on the plastic base.


  • Holding force: 800 gr/cm2 a 6 bar
  • Working pressure: 5.5 - 7 bar
  • Air flow needed at 5.5 bars: 28 l/min
  • Vacuum surface area: 150 x 150 mm
  • Dimensions: 160 x 22 x 200 mm
  • Weight: 325 gr

Standard Equipment

SVN250 with rubber joint, transparent pipe with fast connector 1/4” and set of 3 rubber joints.
We recommend to use the optional multiple connector (ref. 5046350) to connect the SVN250 to the air supply.

Optional Accessories

5038049 T Couppling 8538005 Pipe D.6
5038047 Raccord M-H 1/8-6
5038046 Fast coupling M1/4
5038044 Spherical valve mini M-H1/4
5038045 Distributor 4H 1/8 2H 1/4
5046350 Distributing ass'y SVN350 130842

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